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The Revitalization Project

"York Village feels more like an intersection than a village." This comment during the first community workshop perhaps best summarizes what is lacking in York Village: the village. The framework is in place: historic buildings and homes, beautifully landscaped properties, schools, and civic attractions. Yet, something is missing. Community members expressed desire for more destinations, slower traffic, a cohesive network of sidewalks, green spaces, trails, and those "little things that count," like well-tended flower boxes. Revitalizing York Village requires all of these things and something more: people. To attract residents and visitors, York ViVillage Revitalization Logollage needs to capitalize on its "Place-Making Dividend," – those unique cultural and physical qualities that speak to the Village's history, community and sense of place.

-- From the York Village Master Plan

The Village Revitalization Committee

The Village Revitalization Steering Committee (VRC) is an ad hoc committee created by and answerable to the Board of Selectmen. It's mission is to represent the interests of the Town and its citizens during implementation of the Village Revitalization Project, working with the Director of Public Works. Building upon the extensive work of the York Village Study Committee (VSC) from 2011 to 2016, the steering committee will advise the Board of Selectmen on matters related to the project based upon the voter approved York Village Master Plan and assist the DPW Director regarding: ongoing project design work, parking management, public utility planning, street amenities, public signage planning, and other matters as required to complete the project. Most importantly, the Committee shall coordinate activities related to community and direct-stakeholder outreach as the project moves forward. The VRC is made up of five members of the original Village Study Committee and four new members of the York community. (See the About VRC page for list of members.) In addition to its formal members, the public is welcome to attend regularly scheduled meetings of the committee and will be invited to participate in formal or informal groups on various aspects of the project as it moves forward.