Town Project Staff

  • Dean Lessard, Director of Public Works
  • Dylan Smith, Town Planner

Committee Membership

  • Christine Hartwell, Chair
  • Dan Poulin, Vice Chair
  • Peter Smith, Secretary
  • Steven Carr
  • Brent Drennan
  • Stu Dawson
  • Antonia DeSoto
  • Bill Lord
  • Ron McAllister
  • Don Rose

About the Village Revitalization Steering Committee

Description. The Village Revitalization Steering Committee is an ad hoc committee created by and answerable to the Board of Selectmen. It shall operate until the York Village infrastructure improvement project (AKA Village Revitalization Project) is completed or until terminated by vote of the Board of Selectmen.

Mission.  The mission of the Committee is to represent the interests of the Town and its citizens during implementation of the Village Revitalization Project.

Project Goal.  It is the goal of the Town to successfully complete the Village Revitalization Project in full compliance with all applicable laws and in a timely manner to maximize available funding and minimize disruption to the public and the Village business community.

Meetings. The Committee shall meet at least once each month. All regular meetings of the Committee shall be public. Time and place will be available on the Town's weekly meeting list.

Full Committee Charter»

Contact Us

People who wish to provide feedback to the VRC about any issues of Village improvement can do so as shown below.

You can contact the Committee via email at You can also send mail to our mailbox at town hall to:

Village Revitalization Steering Committee
Town of York
186 York Street
York, ME 03909

Contact Dean Lessard, Director, Department of Public Works at 207-363-1000.