This is an archive of the work overseen by the York Village Study Committee leading up to the project's master plan and acceptance by voters. Period covered is 2011-2016. It is no longer being updated.

March 2016 Presentations to Board of Selectmen:

March 14, 2016, Design and Engineering Update: Presentation to the Board of Selectmen by the Village Study Committee. BOS Meeting Video Speakers include Dean Lessard, DPW Director; Regina Leonard, Project Leader; and Ron McAllister, YVSC Chair. (Presentation and discussion begins at approximately 21 minutes in and runs for about 30 minutes.) The slides presented by Regina Leonard, Project Leader, show updated drawings of key project areas.

September 2016 Final Report to Board of Selectmen, prepared by Village Study Committee.

Read the Full Text of the Village Master Plan of April 2015 »

Visit the Master Plan Library for reports, presentations, and the final Master Plan documents.

Links to Village Revitalization project related stories in the press can be found on the project News Page.

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York Village Study Committee

Welcome to the website of the York Village Study Committee.

The Town of York began the task of assessing the state of York Village back in 2010. Feedback from the initial assessment led to the formation of the York Village Study Committee in early 2011.  This website serves as a record of the many activities, reports, presentations, and meetings that have taken place as a Village improvement plan has developed. The York Village Revitalization project has included several phases. These pages offer interested people documentation of the initial phases of the project up through York voters approval of an appropriation for project funding in May 2016.

Early concept drawing 2012
An early concept design, YVSC 2012

From 2011 until 2014, work included getting input from Village stakeholders and the public on what people liked and didn't like in the present Village. The work was largely done by the committee and Town staff. The result of this phase was the development of design elements that the committee believed were most important going forward. These elements were incorporated into three conceptual design options developed by committee members. Details of this phase are archived in the YVSC Document Archive, along with all VSC minutes since 2013.

The second phase (August 2014-April 2015) got underway following the hiring of an outside consulting team to work with us to develop a formal York Village Master Plan. The consulting team (TDRC) completed the Master Plan document in April 2015. The Plan presents written recommendations for Village physical changes and process steps and refined conceptual drawings to guide the Town in revitalizing the Village. Reports, presentations, and the final Master Plan documents are in the Master Plan Library.

Community Design Workshop Group in Action
Small group at work during one of 3 Community Design Workshops
to gather public input into the details of the Village Master Plan.
See more info on our events page.

Since July 2015, detailed design, engineering, and technical work has been underway. In the spring of 2015, a budget and scope of work was developed for this third phase during a series of meetings between the VSC and the consulting team resulting in a proposal of work to the Board of Selectmen. In July, the BOS approved most of the proposed work (a signage piece was removed) and a budget of $272K was approved. This work includes engineering and more detailed design development as well as planning and funding efforts to move the project forwad. Key documents in this current phase can be found in the Schematic Design Library.

In November 2015, voters approved incorporating the York Village Master Plan into the Town's Comprehensive Plan. By approving ballot Article 8, 64% of voters agreed that the concepts for Village improvements laid out in the April 2015 Village Master Plan are goals worthy of review and set the direction for the town to take with regard to revitalization of York Village.

In May 2016, voters approved an appropriation of $400,000 in bond funding for the revitalization project. Those funds will serve as the town's matching funds which are required to gain federal and state transportation funds on a $3.6 million infrastructure project. Question 60 on the May 21 ballot was approved by a vote of 1,970 to 1,658.

As of September 2016, the York Village Study Committee's five years of hard work leading up to an approved York Village Master Plan, was deemed to be complete. The committee had delivered it's final report in March. The committee was disbanded, with thanks, by the Board of Selectmen in September. The York Board of Selectmen approved the charter for a new committee, the York Village Revitalization Steering Committee. As of January 2017, the membership of the steering committee is being finalized and a first meeting is scheduled.

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