This is an archive of the work overseen by the York Village Study Committee leading up to the project's master plan and acceptance by voters. Period covered is 2011-2016. It is no longer being updated.

York Village Revitalization Project Overview

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The York Village Study Committee (VSC) was formed by the Town's Board of Selectmen in May 2011. Charged with developing ways to revitalize York Village, the VSC began a process of visioning by asking people what they like and don't like about living, working, or visiting the Village. In August 2014, YVSC asked the Board of Selectman for authorization of a scope of services contract with The Downtown Revitalization Collaborative (TDRC) of Portland, Maine. TDRC's expertise in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Civil and Traffic Engineering, Urban Design, Community Planning and Economics persuaded us that York would be well served to work with them.

The proposed work program includes four pre-construction phases in what we call the Strategic Approach to the Village Master Plan: