This is an archive of the work overseen by the York Village Study Committee leading up to the project's master plan and acceptance by voters. Period covered is 2011-2016. It is no longer being updated.

Schematic Design/Design Development Phase Library

With the publishing of the Master Plan Report for the Village in April 2015, detailed design, engineering, and technical work has gotten underway. The Village Master Plan documents completed can be found in the Master Plan Library. Below are the documents for this, the third, phase of the Village Revitalization Project through to the Village Study Committee's Final Report to the Board of Selectmen in September 2016.

design phase consulting team organization chart
Design and Development Phase Organization Chart
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Proposal, Meetings, Presentations, and Reports

July 6, 2015: Request to Board of Selectmen for funding approval next phase of Village design plans. On July 6, the YVSC presented a proposal to develop the next phase of design development to the Board of Selectmen. A budget of $304K and a scope of work was developed between members of the TDRC team and the Village Study Committee during a series of meetings this spring. This work is lead by Regina Leonard, now with Milbroom & Malone. See chart on right.

Documents & Media: Request for Action Document including proposed scope of work for the Schematic Design/Design Development Phase, BOS Meeting Video
(Discussion starts approximately 11 min. in and runs to 36 min. )

July 24, 2015: BOS Meeting, including reconsideration of the July 6 BOS 3-2 vote in favor of the July 6 Request for action (see above). Board voted 4-0 to move the project forward after eliminating $32K from the budget.

Documents & Media: A White Paper on the Scope of Services: Schematic Design/Design Development
prepared for the Board of Selectmen by the Village Study Committee. BOS Meeting Video (Discussion begins at 1hr 49 minutes and runs for 33 minutes.)

October 2015, Project Update Presentation Slides with Written Narrative: Background/Overview: Past , Present, and Future Work; Project Progress Report: Roadway: draft horizontal alignment, Preliminary schematic design, Materials selection, Streetscape treatment. PDF File (.pdf)   

Village Square Schematic
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November 3, 2015: Incorporating the Master Plan into the Town Comprehensive Plan This town warrant article adopts the York Village Master Plan by reference and recommendation within the Town’s Comprehensive Plan. More on Article 8.

December 3, 2015, Presentation to Village Study Committee: Project Work Plan Schedule; Roadway Design & Review Alignment review by MaineDOT, Updated traffic modeling, Comparison matrix, Design overview; Underground Utilities - Considerations and Design approach; Materials Selection; Schematic Design - Design sections, Comparison matrix, Design overview.

Preliminary Intersection Design March 2016
York St/Long Sands Rd Preliminary Schematic Design (Click for larger view)
For additional views see the full slide presentation.

March 14, 2016, Design and Engineering Update: Presentation to the Board of Selectmen by the Village Study Committee. BOS Meeting Video Speakers include Dean Lessard, DPW Director; Regina Leonard, Project Leader; and Ron McAllister, YVSC Chair. (Presentation and discussion begins at approximately 21 minutes in and runs for about 30 minutes.) The slides presented by Regina Leonard, Project Leader show updated drawings of key project areas.

March 24, 2016, Progress Report to Board of Selectmen, prepared by Village Study Committee.

September 8, 2016, Final Report to Board of Selectmen, prepared by Village Study Committee.

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