This is an archive of the work overseen by the York Village Study Committee leading up to the project's master plan and acceptance by voters. Period covered is 2011-2016. It is no longer being updated.

YVS Committee Members
Name and Affiliation

  • Ron McAllister, Chairman
  • Stu Dawson, Landscape Architect
  • Antonia DeSoto, Local Merchant
  • Gloria Gustafson, York Village Assoc. Board
  • Christine Hartwell, Web Developer
  • Joel Lefever, Museums of Old York
  • Dean Lessard, DPW Supervisor
  • York Hospital
  • Dylan Smith, York Town Planner
  • Peter Smith, Planning Board Chair
  • Scott Stevens, Preservationist
  • Lew Stowe, Planning Board
  • Robert Palmer, BOS Representative
  • Stephen Burns, York Town Manager

Others who have also served as members of the Village Study Committee at various times: Mary Andrews, Dawn Fernald, Christine Grimando, Jody Merrill, Ron Nowell, Steve Pellitier, and Jennifer Smith.

About the York Village Study Committee

YVS Meeting


The York Village Study Committee (VSC) was formed by the Town's Board of Selectmen in May 2011.  Charged with developing ways to revitalize York Village, the VSC began a process of visioning by asking people what they like and don't like about living, working, or visiting the Village.  

Mission of the Village Study Committee

The mission of the Village Study Committee is to establish a framework that will promote the vitality and beauty of York Village as a dynamic, safe, and sustainable town center reflecting the history of a community that is both welcoming to visitors and supportive of local businesses.

Contact Us

People who wish to provide feedback to the VSC about any issues of Village improvement can do so as shown below.

You can contact the Village Study Committee via email at You can also send mail to our mailbox at town hall to:

York Village Study Committee
Town of York
186 York Street
York, ME 03909

You may also contact Dylan Smith, Director, York Planning Department at 207-363-1000.