This is an archive of the work overseen by the York Village Study Committee leading up to the project's master plan and acceptance by voters. Period covered is 2011-2016. It is no longer being updated.

The 2, 5, and 10 Minute Village Concept

2, 5, and 10 Minute VillageAt the end of May 2011, the York Board of Selectmen appointed committee to study and make recommendations regarding the future of York Village. One of the first tasks was to define the study area. The VSC decided that there were at least three geographic concepts of York Village. Using the Civil War monument as a central point of reference, we defined three villages in terms of how long it might take a pedestrian to walk from the center to the periphery of each zone. Thus, we think in these terms:

To date, the committee's work has focused primarily on the 2-minute village which includes everything between Parsons Center (to the West), the top of Woodbridge Road (North on Long Sands Road) and York Street (East) beyond the Bagel Basket. The options under current consideration are based on this 2-minute village.